Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our many great Democratic candidates. We did not get all the victories we hoped for. But together, we will move forward, stronger than before and ready to take on future challenges.

We hope to see you all at our December meeting as we begin to organize for the 2015 Municipal Election Cycle and Budget Referendum.

-Steve Jones, Chairperson, Tolland Democratic Town Committee

November 4th Ballot Question (CT Constitution) Info

November 4th Ballot Question (State Constitution) Information:

“Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to remove restrictions concerning absentee ballots and to permit a person to vote without appearing at a polling place on the day of an

Explanatory Text as to the Content and Purpose -

If this constitutional amendment passes, it would give the General Assembly greater authority to pass a law allowing voters to cast their ballots without having to (1) appear at their polling place on election day or (2) provide a reason for voting by absentee ballot.

If the amendment passes, it would also eliminate the constitutional deadlines by which election moderators must submit their election returns to their town clerks and the secretary of the state (i.e., within 3 and 10 days after an election, respectively). The Connecticut General Statutes set earlier deadlines by which they must submit these returns (e.g., midnight on election day to the secretary of the state).

Further Explanation -

The state constitution contains provisions regarding the administration of elections in Connecticut, including requiring voters to cast their ballots at their polling place on election day, unless they qualify to vote by absentee ballot. Under the constitution, voters may qualify for an absentee ballot if they will be out of town, are sick or have a physical disability, or the tenets of their religion prohibit secular activity on election day. Because these restrictions are in the constitution, the General Assembly does not currently have the authority to pass a law that changes them. The constitutional amendment would eliminate these restrictions.

For further information, you may go to the Secretary of State’s website.

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Letter Supporting Anthony Ortiz (8th House District)

For Ortiz

Anthony Ortiz is running for state representative in the 8th District, which covers Columbia, Coventry, and parts of Tolland and Vernon.

Ortiz grew up in Columbia and worked on the Szegda family farm. As are most people who were part of farm families he has a strong work ethic. Ortiz graduated from UConn with a political science degree. Subsequently he has returned to school and has several master’s degrees in international affairs and international economics.

Between 2001 and 2014 Ortiz worked for, or in the interest of, a number of international organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations. In effect Ortiz worked directly with communities in developing countries helping to instill American economic values and at the same time promoting American political values. Through his international work Ortiz has a wealth of experience that can only help him in his current goal of representing, in the state legislature, the community that he grew up in.

Ortiz has decided to settle in this area with his wife and young child. With a growing family he is a strong advocate for education and other children’s programs. He has always been a strong voice in support of seniors. And, having worked at developing economies in other countries, he will also bring not just strong advocacy for improving the economy in the towns he covers but the expertise to make that happen.

Ortiz is a highly intelligent young man with a strong work ethic. In his efforts to promote the American dream in other countries he has developed an enriched perspective relating to how our own system works.

The man that I saw grow up was hardworking, intelligent, exceedingly honest, and valued being part of his community. This young man with so much potential would be a perfect choice for your representative. So vote for Ortiz on Nov. 4.

Richard Szegda, Columbia



For Ortiz, Gardner Riordan

Voters in the 8th General Assembly District, which includes Columbia and Coventry, and parts of Tolland and Vernon, have the opportunity to elect an extremely well-qualified new candidate.

Anthony Ortiz, a UConn graduate who also holds two master’s degrees, is an expert in developing, managing, and implementing agricultural and rural development programs at home and abroad.

Ortiz comes to his expertise not only through book learning, but from his experience working on his family’s farm in Columbia. He recognizes the area’s farms as small businesses, and understands how they contribute to the district’s economy.

Moreover, as the parent of a toddler, Ortiz has a real interest in preschool education and the need to encourage the providing of such opportunity for all children. As a Democrat, he will represent district residents effectively and with enthusiasm.

Bruce M. and Sondra Astor Stave


Field 2014 Letter to the Editor

For Field

On Nov. 4, Tolland has an opportunity to elect Rick Field to be our state representative for the 53rd House District (Ashford, Tolland, and Willington).

Serving us, as well as Willington and Ashford, Field will bring a wealth of municipal experience to Hartford.

Field is serving his sixth two-year term on the Tolland Town Council, having previously served three two-year terms on Tolland’s Board of Education.

His time on the council has shown true leadership and bipartisanship. In his fifth term on the Town Council, Field openly accepted an invitation to serve as co-chair despite being in the minority party, primarily due to his experience and his willingness to put the people of Tolland over political ideology and polemics. At a time when Washington is in constant gridlock, Tolland, Willington, and Ashford need someone who will rise above the pettiness and deliver results.

And Field has delivered. His time on Town Council and the Board of Education has helped keep our tax burdens low, preserve over 1,300 acres of open space for conservation trails and farmland, establish Tolland’s first Agriculture Commission, and lead the charge to build Birch Grove Elementary and Tolland High School.

His tireless efforts on these issues and many more have placed Tolland on the map as a top small-town to live in across America (2005, 2009, and 2011).

In Hartford, he’ll work with town leaders across the 53rd so that together we will continue to make Connecticut a fantastic place to raise your family and build a career.

Having lived in Tolland for 17 years myself and knowing Field for several of those years, he has the character, passion, and experience to serve us as our state representative in Hartford honorably. I hope you will join me on Nov. 4 to make the right choice. Let’s elect Field to be our state rep.

Steven Jones


The writer is chairman of the Tolland Democratic Town Committee.