Planning and Zoning Democrats

Bruce Mayer P&ZC

Name: Bruce Mayer (Vice Chair)

Party and Position: Democrat for Planning and Zoning Commission
Family: I have lived on Branden Way for over 13 years with wife Rita and boys Sam, Pete and Nick. I grew up in West Hartford, then spent a number of years in  New York and Boston before returning to Connecticut to raise our family in 1995.

Previous political experience: I have served as an alternate member of the Planning and Zoning Commission since earlier this year, giving me an opportunity to become familiar with the commission and the issues. I also served as the first president of UCHC-AAUP, the labor union representing faculty at the University of Connecticut Health Center (2011-2013). This involved setting up from scratch an organization representing over 500 physicians, scientists, and educators. Skills in negotiation, listening, and compromise were essential to balance the needs of members with the larger needs of the health center and the state.

Other Experience: For over 20 years I have run a research laboratory in the area of cell biology and cancer research. I have lived both in cities such as New York and rural areas such as Pomfret, and have first-hand experience with the advantages and challenges of each.

Why are you a Planning and Zoning Member?: As our kids get older, I would like an opportunity to give back in some way to the community that has been a wonderful home for our family. Planning and zoning issues can have a big impact on quality of life in our town. Balancing the need for reasonable commercial and residential development with maintaining the small-town rural character that makes Tolland a great place to live. It is important to get as much input as possible from community residents in developing policies to regulate development.


John Hughes

John Hughes (Secretary)

DSC_0970Katie Murray (Alternate)

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