Tolland Town Council Democrats

Rick Field


Rick Field (D-Tolland), Town Council Co-Chair.

Rick Field and his wife Michele have been a strong presence in the Tolland community for nearly three decades. He began his career serving in the United States Army and later working for Pratt & Whitney Aviation for 42 years as an Electrician and Supervisor.

Rick first entered public service through Tolland’s Board of Education, which he served for three terms before joining the Tolland Town Council.  Rick has been a part of the council for six terms. In the five terms that Rick has been a member of the town council, he has served honorably and proved himself by becoming chair of the council. After gaining election the council again in 2011, he was voted vice-chair of the town council.



Name:   Paul Krasusky

Age:  40

Party and Position Running For:  Democrat, Town Council Member

Family:  Born & raised in Tolland, I lived on Carriage Dr. for 25yrs and have lived on Susan Drive for the past 15; my mother Eileen continues to reside on Carriage Dr.  My wife Jennifer & I have been married 15yrs, and have three active and wonderful children – Tyler, Jillian, and Mallory.  Jennifer was previously a tenured teacher with experience in elementary ed, special ed, and high school, which has afforded me great insight into the system / process.

Previous political experience:   None – I am rather apolitical, and am not much of a proponent of the dual-party system.  I tend to view things from a sensible, logical perspective – whether an opinion or view is considered to be Democratic or Republican – and not be categorized into one ‘box’ or the other.

Other Experience:   Commercial Banker for the past 17yrs, managing a portfolio of business loans.  Participant, organizer, and promoter of various Motorsports activities.

  Living in Tolland my entire life, I feel I am an ambassador of sorts for the Town and take pride in its success.  As I historically attend many of the Town meetings, I felt honored by being nominated to run for Town Council and excited by the opportunity to help shape Tolland’s future.


Kristen Morgan

David Skoczulek, Tolland TC

David Skoczulek

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