“We believe that you, the residents of Tolland, are worth it.

Worth our commitment to public service.

worth rolling up our sleeves and doing the work.

Worth the hard conversations.

worth listening to the experts and to each other.

When we’re talking about how to approach land management and new development, budgets, and taxes;

Which line items should be adjusted and which projects to prioritize.

We recognize that we’re also talking about community impacts

Short term and long term impacts.

How will this affect our Senior Center, how will that impact our fire and rescue operations?
Rec center, town staff and maintenance services, housing options, our public library?

How will this affect our Public Works Department? Or Police? Or Animal Control?

And of course our schools, our kids and educators.

We recognize that each decision we make today has a ripple effect down the road

And we approach each decision with compassion.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it because we ARE Tolland.

Please consider joining us and making a commitment to serve because Tolland is worth it.

Contact us at info@TollandDemocrats.org.”

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