Our Vision

We, the Tolland Democratic Town Committee, have a vision for Tolland’s future that is culturally rich and economically vibrant: an inclusive community that is founded on the strengths and diversity of ALL its residents. To realize this vision, we are dedicated to three fundamental principles of socially responsible government: to preserve and enhance the quality of life; to foster a supportive and caring community; and to ensure every voice is heard. To this end, we believe progressive government is a necessary tool for forward motion and positive change.

We, as the Tolland Democratic Town Committee commit to to:

  • A healthy, dynamic, and informed balance between preservation and responsible growth through planned community development and conservation of natural resources.
  • Education that fosters academic excellence and responsible citizenship.
  • Maximized benefits to Tolland residents by exploring regional solutions to complex, shared problems.
  • Provide high quality services and opportunities to all residents without discrimination and regard to economic status.
  • Fund services and programs through responsible budgeting that balances needs within the community.