Upcoming Events

join us at any of the following events!

The official 2021 Democrat slate for the Tolland elected boards will be announced and endorsed on Thursday, July 22, at 7:00pm. Join us for a meaningful night by using the following Zoom link:


Recent events!

We understand not everyone can travel right now, so we have created an opportunity for all of us neighbors to enjoy some time at home, including a community trail clean-up on April 22. To get a bag full of goodies, email us at events@tollanddemocrats.org.
Enjoy some food and friends with the Tolland Democrats on April 25 from
3:00PM to 6:00PM. RSVP by April 22 to join us for an afternoon of fun and entertainment, provided by our very own Kate Howard-Bender and her band Meetinghouse! Email
events@tollanddemocrats.org to RSVP. We hope to see you there!

The Connecticut Attorney General will be joining us on May 14 at 7:00PM for a virtual cooking session! Ever wondered what it was like to be in the same [virtual] room as the Attorney General while cooking a fun meal? Well, now you’ll know! Email us at events@tollanddemocrats.org to get more information.

More events being announced soon…

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